Mark Jackson, CEO and Chairman of Moreson Conferencing entered the teleconference industry in 1991, and learned the business from the ground up. After five years of successful endeavors within the industry, Mark used his expertise to launch Moreson Conferencing and we’ve never looked back. From our first office in his parents toolshed to our current group HQ in Birmingham, Alabama, the principles we started with we have never left us. Mark’s first desk was two filing cabinets and a piece of plywood; it did well for the first few months whilst the business started to grow. We are proud that we still have some of our first ever clients and a retention rate that others in the industry would envy if ever boasted about it (it’s a closely guarded secret but it’s pretty impressive!).

Over the years Moreson Conferencing has grown to become one of the largest teleconferencing services in North America. Today, Moreson Conferencing is a global business with the experience and the knowledge to help our clients with their teleconferencing needs, and we hope to exceed their expectations. Since our birth, we have built a reputation for listening to our customers and doing everything possible to help them. By doing so, we are known worldwide for creating superior products, while offering the finest personal service.

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